Finally a service company that does what they say, when they say for a fair price. Rock on!!

My A/C started failing at the beginning of this summers merciless heat wave. I looked in the Yellow Pages and called what looked like to me a reputable A/C service company from what the AD said. BIG mistake, I should have known better and done my homework and researched that specific company and its historical customer ratings. The repairman supposedly found the cause in less than 5 minutes and said it was due to a bad 60 amp disconnector and 40 amp contact. I was charged $617 dollars for parts and labor. The A/C was working fine in morning (WHICH IT ALWAYS HAD) but anytime the outside temp got over 95 the unit would falter and remained that way until sunset.I got into an argument with the repairman and he said he’d have to charge me if it was something else wrong with the unit. I gave up on him and called 1stClassairservice. Two guys from 1st class showed up, one looked like Uncle Jesse from Hazard County. Now they unlike the other guy did a thorough diagnostic check and told me it was the compressor. Now get this: he said he wasn’t going to charge me because of I getting ripped off, and also suggested for me to call a Trane dealership because most likely the unit was under warranty and would also save money on labor. Totally blew my mind. By far the most ethical, honest customer experience I’ve encountered. Breaking News —– There is an ethical A/C service company in the Metroplex called 1stclassairservice!!!

We found out about 6pm on a 95+ degree Friday that our AC was not working. No AC companies would answer their phones until we found 1st Class Air. They couldn’t get here till ~11pm, but then Art properly analyzed the problem, gave us a quote and scheduled a crew to make repairs the following day. The near midnight visit cost $39.90… no extras. The crew arrived when promised. Very friendly and polite. Completed the work and cleaned up before they left. Showed us the damage (our siding contractor had shot a nail into a pipe inside the exterior wall). The Quoted cost was the charged amount to the penny. No extras. When our old Air Handler started leaking, we called 1st Class Air and Wesley arrived promptly, found the problem and offered a fix for a reasonable price. But since the unit was falling apart, we asked about a new unit. He gave us an unbelievable quote. As before, the 1st Class Air crew arrived as promised. Very friendly and polite. It must be noted that they had to take down the big, old unit from the floorless attic and bring up the new unit through old rickety fold down stairs that are hard to just walk up and down. Completed the work and cleaned up before they left… like they were never there. The Quoted cost was the charged amount to the penny. No extras. 1st Class Air is our AC company. Why? They are honest (a first for us with AC companies). Their prices are unbelievable and don’t change with “extras”. Their products and materials are top notch. Their workmanship is great! And the workers are friendly, polite and always willing to answer questions and explain things in detail. They are our new AC guys.

It is nice to know that in this day and age that there are still company’s out to give 100% great customer service, and quilaty work that goes above and beyond what you would expect. 1st Class Ac and Heat is just what it says 1ST Class. Thank you Courtney for the great work. I will deff give out your card to all my friends and family.           –C. in Little Elm

THINGS TO KNOW WHEN USING 1ST CLASS: I called in not having a clue what was wrong with my air conditioner. This can be scary because you never know what they could sell you or tell you what is wrong and if you know no better you can be manipulated. Perry came to my house and did a thorough inspection of everything. He told me about my evaporator coil which he walked me through how my system works showed me my coil and the rust offered to do a clean on it for me but that i eventually would have the same problem due to the bad coil. He gave me options not even knowing my situation. He spoke to me like I was not an idiot and explained everything so that I could understand. He was a gentleman, on time, and very polite. Even the office when I called was very friendly. There is a woman who answers the phone that is always happy and helpful and the owner is just a request away. The office even followed up with me to double check Perry’s work and review his conduct as well as make sure that I received my new customer goodies. I felt like family after using this company and will never go anywhere else!!

I was referred to 1st Class by a friend. We had been given an estimate by another company and we wanted a second opinion. I was able to schedule the same day service and I was contacted by the technician giving me notice before his arrival. I was pleased with their professional and knowledgable staff. The other company had given us a quote for something that was not even the issue. 1st Air took care of the problem and saved us hundreds. They are honest, prompt and easy to work with. Our new air and heat service company.

1st Class Heat & Air is a fantastic company. Art the salesman was a real pro. He did not sell me. He simply educated me. I have three units and Art has sold me one at a time and only when I need to replace them. I bought one two years ago and just got a new one today. He will come out again next year or whenever my last unit goes. Art is class act. The 1st Class Heat & Air team is great. They were fast and courteous. In addition to a great team, they provide exceptional prices. I have had several companies come out and provide quotes. 1st Class provide the best quality at the best price. I have not had any issues with my first unit. It runs flawless. 1st Class is truly first class! Thank you Randy for the continued effort to be the best a/c company in the area. I can tell you are a great owners as all your people are happy and very productive. Most important, your team treated me well and did not mind all the questions I asked during the process. I highly recommend 1st Class Heat & Air to any one who’s looking for a new unit and service work. The service work is also great. I’ve had HomeSheild for years and just cancelled due to Randy’s exceptional team!

Once again with the summer heat just beginning our AC unit need some attention. My wife called 1st Class this morning and the Air Technician came out this afternoon. While here he reminded me of the importance of washing out the fins on the outside unit 2-3 times a summer.(which I had neglected to do) He also ran a full check up on our system to be certain it is running at peak performance. Our duct work will need some attention to improve efficiency. Thanks to 1st Class we will now have cold air for the scorching days ahead!!!

I could some up the quality of work and service in one word Awesome. But that’s not enough. First Class Heat & Air cares about their customers concerns and is willing to take the extra initiative to insure satisfaction. This company is a complete package, professional, courteous, and dedicated. With the vast amount of Heating and Air Companies in the surrounding area its difficult to recognize the best. I can recommend from experience that disappointment will not come from the service of First Class Heat & Air.                                                                                                                      –J Ginn Plano, TX

My experience with 1st Class Heat & Air was ideal. They were polite and friendly on the phone and in person. I chose the time and date for my repair…when I called they said it could be fixed that day (I wanted to believe him but remained wary). I was told someone would be there between 9-11am and at 8:53am (I made a mental note because I was impressed) I got a call letting me know Art was on his way. He came in and diagnosed the problem (it needed a new fan) and then he left to go get the part (the fan), came back and fixed the unit (he also cleaned it and my other unit) and was finished (the AC is blowing wonderful cold air) by 11:30am. I called 1st Class Heat & Air to tell them how much I loved the service before Art had even driven off. I should note that he didn’t try to talk me into anything that was unnecessary, he showed me how to clean my unit and how often it should be cleaned,etc. and he was so friendly and polite AND he gave me 2 free 1st Class Heat & Air coffee cups! Also, I wasn’t given an estimate until the unit was assessed…which I appreciate because after calling around and hearing that I needed everything from a new “condenser” or “compressor” to “it’s out of freon” was refreshing that they (1st Class) didn’t just guess what the problem could be and throw out a number. Luckily, the estimate Art gave me was spot on. Great experience. Great. AND, I keep thinking of stuff, they have coupons on their website.

I had two companies come out to give me a quote and I heard something different from them both. I gave 1st class a call to see what a third opinion would say. They were completely honest with me regarding what needed to be fixed and saved me a lot of money!! My air has been working great ever since! I really appreciated the honesty and great work!

Recently my AC went out at my house and we spent almost 2 days without AC in the middle of July. I spent the entire first day calling around the DFW metro to at least 15 different AC repair shops. I finally decided to go with what I thought was a well known name Wilson Heating and Air Conditioning. I had them come out to the house and had to pay the guy $80 bucks just to look at my system. He did his assessment in 5 minutes and told me that there were too many problems with my system and I had to get a new one for $8000. I was very skepticle and asked to see what he was talking about. When I went out there, the warranty sticker with my unit’s serial number was pulled off and there was a screw driver in the top blocking my fan from spinning. He put his hand in there and acted like he was jump starting my fan and then removed his screw driver and the fan started spinning. He told me the fan wasn’t working nor was anything else on the unit so I needed a new one. I paid him his $80 dollars and sent him on his way to price check with some other folks. Of all the other 14 places I called, noone said I needed a new unit and that it could be fixed with a few parts. I decided to have First Class come out and check it out for a small amount of money $39 bucks and the gentlemen was so knowledgable, nice and helpful, he found the problem after some testing an analysis and it cost me a measly $170 bucks total to fix. Within an hour of his visit, my house was colder than it has ever been before. I have vowed to use only first class heat and air for all my AC and Heating needs and have already recommended them to at least 10 people. Thankyou First Class for your excellent and HONEST service. We appreciate you!!

I have been using this company for several years. As a rental property manager I am dealing with calls almost weekly for air or heat service. First Class Air always does their best to get my requests taken care of promptly and as economically as possible. You can’t beat the $39.95 service call fee, it makes it so easy to at least find out what the problem is so you know what your dealing with.


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